East Side Church of Nazarene, we appreciate you!

East Side Church of Nazarene provides us with so much support!  Their assistance and support are so vast, it is hard to name everything they do for us! Joan La Munyon visits regularly to find out what our latest needs are, and she finds ways to help us meet those needs!

Here are some the ways the Church has helped.  They provided us with Clorox Wipes, bought gifts for 6 families at Christmas, helped with our trimester parties, served as sponsors at our VIP breakfast for kids that didn’t have a parent attend, arranged for the author, Shelba Oberto, to come read her book and provide books for our 2nd grade team.  Then, the same author will also do a presentation to our 4th grade kids around her book called Roadtrip and the 50 states.

Thanks for being a friend, East Side Church of Nazarene!

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