Y-Camp 2019

5th grade students wrote a reflection about their Y-Camp experience.  Mr. A chose to submit this student’s writing:

I am a current 5th grader and would like to tell you about the events that occurred on October 24th & October 25th. The 5th graders took their trip to the Y environmental camp. As a spokesperson representing the 5th I would say we had a blast of a time. Some things we learned during those 2 days are how to build a shelter, and how to check if stream water is good to drink, facts about owls and hawks and other animals. We also learned about environmental protection and how it effects humans.

I would recommend every future 5th grader to go on this eventful trip. You not only learn about animals and the environment, you also have tons of fun! We walked in the woods and looked for animals and nature. We looked in streams and saw some creatures. Going on the night hike was a great experience. Sitting around the campfire was something I might not ever forget. By: Gage

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