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1701 Lay Street | Des Moines, IA 50317
Phone: 515-242-8431 | Fax: 515-323-8639

Bulletin Board

January 6th – Chorus 2:40-3:30

January 8th – Techno Tigers Club – 2:45-3:30

January 14th – Girls Scouts 2:45-3:45

January 15th – Techno Tigers Club

January 16th NO SCHOOL

January  17th NO SCHOOL

January 20th NO SCHOOL

January 22nd – Techno Tigers Club

January 24th Morning with My VIP K-2nd Grades 7-7:40 am

DMPS Virtual Backpack

We are pleased to welcome you to the virtual backpack for Des Moines Public Schools,  our central hub for information about school and community events and information of interest to students and their families. The new virtual backpack allows the Des Moines Public School District to distribute school and community information electronically to parents, staff, and students. Click here to visit the virtual backpack!

Des Moines Public Schools uses Nutrislice to provide easier and more complete menu information about breakfast and lunch at all of our schools.

Visit DMPS Nutrislice to see what’s for breakfast or lunch at any school on any day of the school year.

All Events
  • School Board Meeting

  • Phillips Band Concert

  • School Board Meeting

  • School Board Meeting

  • ACTs for 11th Grade (No school for K-10 & 12th grades)