Extra-Curricular Activities

*For one-time events please look on our calendar located at the bottom-right of our school’s home page of our website.

SLT – Throughout the school year, the Student Leadership Team will be meeting in Mrs. Drewis’s classroom on Thursdays from 2:25-3:15.


CHORUS- During certain times of the school year, chorus will be meeting in Ms. Moldovan’s music room. This opportunity is provided for 4th and 5th graders. Chorus meets on Mondays from 2:25-3:00.


Year Book Committee – 5th grade students are able to join after Winter break.  This committee meets in the library on Thursdays  from 2:25-3:30 with Mrs. Snethen.


GIRL SCOUTS -A Girl Scout representative meets with our GS troop every other Tuesday in the Phillips’ Library from 2:25-3:15.


*Check back to see other activities that may be posted.  We update our website regularly.