Dress Code

Traditional Schools recognize the influence of dress, cleanliness, and neatness on a student’s attitude, work habits, and behavior.  Students are expected to abide by the following dress code:

Attire that substantially disrupts from the educational program is prohibited.

For safety reasons shoes shall be worn at all times.

Bare midriffs, halters, tank tops, muscle shirts, and spaghetti straps are not permitted.  A sleeveless T-shirt that comes to the edge of the shoulder is permissible.

High heeled shoes, flip-flops, clogs/mules, athletic shoes with cleats or shoes with wheels are not permitted.  All shoes must have backs or straps.  Sandals with straps on the backs are permitted.

Students are not to wear hats, bandanas, scarves or other head coverings.  If necessary for health or religious reasons the building principal will need to be notified.

Shorts will be permitted in August and September, April, May and June.  Extremely short shorts/skirts are not acceptable for school.  Skorts (shorts with panels or full legs that appear to be a skirt may be worn.)

Students may not wear anything that promotes drugs, tobacco, alcohol, has sexual or racist connotation, or that may be associated with criminal street gangs.

Note:  The code is to be in compliance with school district policies and procedures.