Digital Resources    Bookflix; Freedom Flix; TrueFlix; ScienceFlix

https://pbskids.orgFree tv shows and games. This includes Odd Squad, Wild Kratts, Sid the Science Kid is a main resource we use for technology.  They have tons of stuff for parents too! is the site we use to practice keyboarding, aka, typing! It’s free, so why not practice at home? you would expect from National Geo and it’s free! Free educational games in every subject and grade level! Core Curriculum aligned games in every subject and grade! Join our Facebook page! Our PTA president keeps their FB page up-to-date on current events, so check-in regularly!

http://destiny.dmps.k12.ia.usOur school library inventory! Students may look for books, listen to audio-books,  or read e-books! All of the curriculum that your student will be learning is located here! are free episodes of Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation here.  This show is full of incredible, new inventions, and no it isn’t all about Henry Ford! is an awesome list for parents to learn how they can support STEM at home.  You know….Science, Tech, Engineering, Math.